standing seam

Standing Seam

Interlocking systems with no visible screws or fasteners, panels are made onsite using our Knudsen machine. The metal pans range from 10-20 inches wide when complete. Roof panels are crimped together and clips that secure the panel to the roof sheathing are hidden. When finished, fasteners are completely covered, reducing the possibility of water damage from heavy rains, snow or ice damming.

snap lock

Snap Lock

An interlocking system made onsite, with no visible screws or fasteners, features a slightly different profile than our standing seam product. Metal panels are usually 8-20 inches wide when complete. Each panel has a 1" nail strip which is screwed down to the roof. The next panel is applied with a snap on method, covering any visible screws. The metal used ranges from 24-26 gauge steel and comes in a wide variety of colors.

solar panel installation

Solar Panels

An eco-friendly energy alternative; solar panels can be easily fastened with a clamp on the rib of the standing seam product, eliminating the need for penetrating fasteners, that would damage the integrity of your roof. Solar panels have a long life expectancy, and having a long lasting roof underneath is a smart investment.

steel shake

Steel Shake

Featuring the attractive look of cedar shakes but boasting the longevity of a metal roof, metal shakes are a popular choice among homeowners. Also an interlocking system with no visible screws or fasteners, metal shakes are attractive and come in several color options.

affordable insulation systems

Insulation Systems

Need added R-Value? We can put several different types of insulation under our roofing or siding products. Call for more information!

steel slate

Steel Slate

Metal slate roofing is a striking profile, with a concealed fastener system. Durable and attractive, metal slate roofing is an investment that will be admired for years to come.

steel tile

Steel Tile

Resembling a clay tile, metal tile roofs are long lasting and uniquely attractive. Several color options available.